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Insulation of substructures against moisture and radon

Photogallery of our work

In the field of insulating hall-type structures, PASTELL spol. s r.o. company implements HDPE and PVC foil insulation systems in annual volume at about 1.000.000m2. It includes insulation against moisture and radon underneath industrial (mostly steel wool concrete) floors of industrial and factory buildings, store room halls and insulation of hall type business centers. Nowadays the PASTELL spol. s r.o. company manages 6 assembly units for this type of insulations, fully-equipped with top-facility welding instruments (LEISTER TWINNY, LEISTER TRIAC, LEISTER VARIMAT).  







PASTELL spol. s r. o. company in the scope of supply and mounting system provides:
- estimate and calculation of the most optimal quality and economic insulation system for separate structures
- purchase of material directly from the producer of importer including delivery to the building site
mounting of materials due to producer technology and appropriate norms
- verification of all welds with issuing a protocol on implementing the insulation system or protocols in the scope of VERIFICATION AND TESTING PLAN
- radon measurement for final building approval in cooperation with authorised organisation ( RADON v.o.s.)